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Seth Howard

phone: 802.369.9076


If you have an instrument that needs repair, maintenance or tuning, please contact Seth for arranging evaluation & drop off at the Dojo. 

NOTE:  Free evaluation & estimate before all services. 

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Electric, acoustic and classical guitars, bass, violin, banjo, mandolin, uke

Restring & set up - $30

(cleaning the guitar, oiling the finger board,  polishing the frets, tighten all hardware, intonating the bridge, adjusting truss rod, setting the string hight. Includes a set of high quality strings)

Let me know if you have a preferred string brand.

Output jack replacement - $20

Following services are billed by

30min rate ($30)

Pick up installation 

Leveling and re-crowning the frets

Replacing the frets (Gibson style available)

Tuning machine replacement 

Nut replacement 

Bridge replacement

Acoustic bridge re-gluing


Banjo skin head replacement

Violin sound post setting

Violin bridge replacement



These services are billed by

30min rate ($30)

Jack replacement

Speaker replacement

Tube replacement

Tube biasing


Speaker grille replacement

Custom amplifier cabinets built to order

Rebuild and restore damaged cabinets


These services are billed by

30min rate ($30)

Head replacement and tuning

General hardware maintenance and repair

Bass drum pedal service

Hand drum: head replacement (bongo, djembe, conga) Call for specific type, please.

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