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In the past 15 years, Tuck has helped over 200 kids & adults be part of a band that plays the songs they love. The music lessons often turned into friendships and unforgettable adventures. Some of the student kept making music and started touring. We are excited to welcome them back to the Dojo Stage.

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Born and raised in Vermont, independent singer-songwriter Hans Williams grew up listening to the likes of Al Green, Tracy Chapman, Steely Dan and James Brown – all favorites of his parents. After moving to New Orleans for school, he now calls the city home, continually finding inspiration from its deep-rooted musical scene. Crafting music as a form of personal catharsis, Hans channels his emotions into each composition, aiming to provide solace and resonance for others who connect with his work. With his signature raspy vocals that cut deep and a guitar always at the core of his production, his DIY-approach to indie-folk music has connected with audiences worldwide.


Amassing over 65 million streams to date, Hans Williams has found success with singles like “All Is Well,” “Checklist” and “Willows,” all racking up millions of streams and propelling the rising artist’s career. Garnering attention from the likes of Billboard and Ones to Watch, while landing editorial support across streaming platforms, Hans now arrives with his first single of the year, “Skin,” as he builds anticipation for the release of his debut EP.

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Brooks Hubbard is a national touring independent artist from the mountains of rural New England. Since the age of three, his connection with music has led him on a path of continuous growth, both as an artist and human being. From writing songs about the I raq war at age fifteen to recording with members of Jackson Browne & James Taylors’ bands, countless house shows and concert venues , to opening for artists like KT Tunstall, Robert Cray, Reckless Kelly, Matt Mays, and Stephen Kellogg. Brooks has put in hi s 10,000 hours and then some to become a powerful singer, songwriter, and entertainer.

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Shy Husky

Simultaneously nostalgic and fresh, Shy Husky’s music serves as an update to the 90’s alt-rock they grew up on. Big, distorted guitars and pounding drums blend seamlessly with modern clean, pop-infused vocals to create a new style that lands at the intersection of emo, pop punk, and modern alt-rock. On their 2023 self-titled EP, produced by Matt Appleton (The Used, Atreyu, The Ataris), they find their sound, creating a solid debut that showcases their precise songwriting while maintaining the edge and energy they bring to their live shows. Based in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire, Shy Husky is a staple of their local music scene and has roots growing throughout New England.

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Grace Tecca

Grace has been singing their whole life and has always found music to be a safe haven within which to feel and express themselves fully. They were the lead singer in Socially Awkward from 2009-2014, a Dojo band for 5 years! Starting in high school they used their piano and song writing as a way to explore their emotions and process difficult times and experiences. They recorded many songs with Tuck in their senior year of high school and now, 10 years later, they are excited to share some old favorites, along with some new explorations.



They may not be pro athletes, but philly DIY rockers Rugby still tackle genre-bending sounds with grace. Audrey Lee* and Brooklyn Fellner weave colorful chords with head-splitting noise, while Autumn Kitabjian (bass) and Sam Beliveau* (drums) lay down rhythms that are at once complex and danceable. A little gazey, a little punk, and dripping with DIY charm, Rugby builds textured walls of sound that’ll make you want to break sh!t and then call your mom afterwards. Since forming in fall of 2023 they have been crafting and refining their debut EP, slated to be released later this year.


Fleeting Colours

Fleeting Colours is a Canadian Dream Pop outfit from Montreal, Canada. The band was formed in November of 2022 by university students Pablo Sabbagh, Seamus Hickey, and Tom Sedgwick. Since January of 2024, the three have been joined by drummer Johann Mendoza for their live set. Inspired by bands including Sonic Youth, Slowdive, and Snail Mail, their music fuses the jangly guitars, lush reverb tones, and soft vocals of a shoegaze band with the driving rhythms of an indie rock act. The group has slowly worked its way into the Montreal indie & DIY scene playing concerts in many Montreal venues with bands from across Canada, while also being featured on bills at underground house shows. The group has recently started to land larger gigs with other rising dream pop acts such as Brooklyn-based Laveda. After more than a year of playing together, the trio released their first two singles in early 2024. Out of Days and Sling were recorded at Holy Mountain Sound in Montreal, Canada, and engineered by Jeff Zeigler [The War On Drugs, Kurt Vile, Knifeplay] in Philadelphia, PA. 

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Cade Earick is a singer-songwriter and producer from Rumney, NH. He creates a unique blend of pop, alternative, folk, rock, indie, and electronic music, self-described as "genreless", and has been praised for his unique sound in the current music landscape. He's been steadily growing with indie releases such as Connemara Memories and love songs and other shit, and has performed with groups such as the Portland Cello Project during their Homage To Radiohead tour. This year he’s released two acclaimed records, The Lives and Stipulations of The Weakened, and CADE, the latter receiving honorable mention in the International Songwriting Competition for single “Drown (Feat. Carleigh Mack)”. He’s currently working on his 5th studio project, The Shining Light of A Million Stars, shooting for a December 2021 release.

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Rivalry bio + link goes here

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Applefall bio + link goes here

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