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Tuck is a multi-instrumentalist with experience playing from folk to pop, from blues to jazz, from blue grass to reggae (even metal).

Growing up in the rural Vermont, Tuck is a primarily self-taught musician with an amazing dedication for music, a teacher and role model for many for over 15 years. After formalizing his education at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA he has toured nationally for bands like Syd and The Conniption Fits, and has opened for Cake, Hootie and the Blow Fish, Big Head Todd and The Monsters.

His dream was to establish a music school that connects musicians and provide them an outlet to play and perform together.
First step was to co-found the Upper Valley Rock School in 2006, and after 3 years of success open his very own Tuck’s Rock Dojo to train the Upper Valley’s ‘musical ninjas’.

Tuck teaches string instruments (guitar, bass, mandolin, uke, banjo) drums, keys, music theory, recording engeneering and performance classes.


Socially Awkward got created at the Dojo in the fall of 2010. They have played together for 4 years, bringing their talent and joy for music all over the Upper Valley and beyond.
The band is playing Carry On Wayward Son (by Kansas) at the Dojo 5th Birthday Concert at WRJ Tupelo Music Hall.   
The Iridescent was the first band of the Dojo who started to write their own songs, record, and perform them at venues like Higher Ground in Burlington, VT or Palladium Worcester, MA. 5 driven musicians, great talent, and great enthusiasm.
The band is performing the special edition of one of their originals: Shape Shifter
Spencer Bladyka came from Upper Valley's other Dojo, the Okinawan Karate Academy. He has been part of the musical dojo pretty much since we opened. Talented musican and a born teacher. Him and Tuck performing Little Lion Man in Lebanon, NH at the Dance Fest.


Tuck is playing with Ed Eastridge & his jazz ensemble performing "African Flower"
Conniption Fits Reunite
Covering "Seven Nation Army" at the Dojo
Philadelphia based singer-songwriter Katie Barbato & Tuck
Sharon by KatieB


Tuck is and always was involved in music of any kind. Interested in all levels of music and what it makes us feel.

"Goblins "was the first album that he created on his own, writing the music, experiencing the power of words and playing all instruments there is on the album.

"Goblins" is an outstanding journey to the soul, through energetic sound.



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