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Tuck's Rock Dojo is a music school providing musical education for all ages, focusing on private lessons, recordings and performance classes. The Dojo aims to inspire and educate students through the songs they like, teaches the discipline of working with others in a band, and gives them the opportunity and experience of playing in public.


Tuck's ability to teach multiple instruments has kept many students' musical experience exciting and new. His understanding of music and unique way of delivering it to people makes him a special mentor. ​

Twenty Twenty One - Tuck's Rock Dojo Holiday Album

Every year, the bands record one of their favorite cover songs as a gift for the families. Click Here to listen to the album.


"For musicians it is critical to come together to learn and develop.
What Tuck's Rock Dojo is doing is really unusual and really important."
Ford Daley, Atrium Supervisor at Hanover High School



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