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"Realizing the Star in You"

We are excited that after a year long break, due to the pandemic we will be able to offer

the band opportunity for young musicians, again. 

Tuck's Rock Dojo is creating bands by connecting like minded musicians, providing them a practice place (once a week for 2 hours). At the Dojo you learn how to play the songs you like and how to work as a team with mentorship. Throughout the school year the bands will have opportunities to showcase their sets. These opportunities give each band member a chance to play for real audiences and perfect their stage performance skills. Building their confidence in a field that they love and are encouraged to do better at.


Please fill out the survey HERE

That will let us know what music you like, what instrument you would like to play, how old are you, what is your availability for band rehearsals ... you know, all the essentials so we can place you in the band that fits you best.

Band Registration close on August 20!

Once we know how many musicians would like to be in a band, what musical skills they have, what kind of music they listen to, we can start constructing the bands in the 2nd half of August.

By 1st September you will know what would be your band rehearsal schedule.

Band rehearsals are 6:30-8:30pm weekly, on either Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Band rehearsals start on the week of September 6


The program is based on sessions that last normally 6 weeks. One session includes 6 occasions. One occasion being either a band practice at Tuck's Rock Dojo or a performance.

BAND TUITION: $300 for instrumentalists. For singers it's $210.

We can credit forward one of the 6 occasions in case you need to miss a practice. Cancellation must be emailed to with 24 hours notice to be honored.