"Every parent wants their kid to find their passion, and have the opportunity to work and grow towards their dream. Tuck's Rock Dojo gives this opportunity to many kids who might not find their place in school , athletic programs and rural community by bringing kids together, setting them up with a band and mentoring them through their own style of music."  

Gail Trede, Eli's mom from South Reyagate, VT

- Eli was taking lessons and performance classes with Tuck for 7 years. He mastered the guitar and pushed his band, The Iridescent as a manager while at the Dojo so far that they took second place in the Battle of the Bands, at the Palladlium in Worchester.

Eli is now a proud student of the Berklee College of Music in Boston and studying to be a recording engenieer -  

Tuck's Rock Dojo offers musical mentorship (one-on-one lessons)  for kids (8 years old or older) and adults for the following instruments:

  • Guitar (all styles)  I  Bass  I Banjo  I Mandolin  I  Ukulele  I  Bouzouki 

  • Piano/Keys

  • Drum

  • Music Theory

  • Music Production & Engeneering

  • Songwriting


For when you are exploring the musical universe through one or many instruments. (Lessons are offered age 8 and up)

Our goal is to teach music in a way many musicians learn to play it

not only by notation, but by listening,  imitation and meaningful experimentation. ​We would like you to experience the joy of playing your favorite songs.


30 min lesson (one person) - $35

45 min lesson (one person) - $55

1 hour lesson (one person) - $70


30 min lesson (two persons) - $25 (paid individually)

1 hour lesson (two persons) - $50 (paid individually)

Please read policy at the bottom of the page.


When playing your instrument is just not enough anymore.

We are creating bands by connecting like minded musicians, providing them a practice place (once a week for 2 hours for Senior Bands and 1 hour for Junior Bands). We teach how to play the songs they like and how to work in a team. Then once there is a set list, we organize shows for them somewhere in the Upper Valley. Sometimes its our own Show, but many times we are performing at a bigger event, like Storrs Pondaroo in Hanover, Summer Picnic Preview in Lebanon, Norwich Fair or even school dances. 

These opportunities give each band member a chance to play for real audience and perfect their stage performance skills. Building their confidence in a field that they love and are encouraged to do better at.

To browse amongst the many performance videos and get to know some of the bands, click HERE

The program is based on sessions that are last normally 6 weeks, where enrollment is possible. 

JUNIOR BAND (Age 9-12) 1 session is  $180 for instrumentalists. For singers it's $120 . 

SENIOR BAND (Age 12-18) 1 session is  $270 for instrumentalists. For singers it's $180.

Please read policy at the bottom of this page.

Let us know when you are ready to be the next rockstar of the Upper Valley


Cancellation​ Policy


LESSON: We are invoicing 4 lessons at a time. In case you need to cancel we are able to credit one of the 4 forward. No shows will be charged as lesson taken. 2 no-shows without notice, we will have to assume that you are not continuing.

For lessons that are 1 hour long weekly: If you need to cancel 2 lessons within the 4, the 2nd one will be charged $35 (not $70)

We are always willing to try to find an alternative date/time for rescheduling. Please check our online calendar for 

​availabilities: HERE

We ​are not able to honor if the schools are calling a snow day.


BAND PROGRAM: We are invoicing 6 occasions (band practice/show) at a time. In case you need to cancel we are able to credit one of the 6 forward. No shows will be charged as occasion taken. Please bring your own ear plugs for band rehearsal. 


LONGER SESSIONS: Recordings, or workshops longer than an hour there is 25% cancellation fee of the booked appointment time in case it's cancelled without 24 hour notice.


IMPORTANT: Cancellations or any change in lesson time must be emailed in order to honor it.

Email: info@tucksrockdojo.com

REFUND:  In case you wish to withdraw from the program, we are able to send you a Tuck's Rock Dojo gift card for the remaining amount.